Press Release


  1. All students studying in the institution will be guided by the code of conduct as defined by the appropriate authority from time to time. Failure to comply with any of the rules will amount to misconduct and invite penalty depending on gravity of the offence.
  2. All students are expected to follow the following rules:
  • No student will indulge into ragging of any kind. It is a cognizable offense and invites penal action from the institute as well as government authorities.
  • No student will indulge into misbehavior of any kind with his/her fellow students, faculty or any other staff member.
  • No student will indulge into smoking, consumption of alcohol or drugs. Possession and consumption of such intoxicants shall be taken very seriously. Besides disciplinary action by the Trust, students violating this rule may also invite prosecution by civil authorities.
  • All the students are expected to wear formal dress; wearing of casual and shabby dress is not allowed on all working days and has to come in proper uniform on specified days.
  • All the students will obey the instructions of the examination supervisor or any other lawful instructions given under institute statute.
  • All the students will use institutional computing facilities or network facilities in breach of institution rules approved by Vice Chairman, on use of such facilities.
  • All the students are required to attend regular classes and be present during any other activity organized by the Institute/Group.
  • Students should be regular in classes and no student shall be allowed to appear in the university examinations or internal examinations unless she/he attends a minimum of 75% lectures and also submits required number of assignments. Any student remaining absent from more than 3 days without information to the department, will be dealt seriously.
  • All students are expected to use property of the Institute very carefully and economically. Any breakage or damage of furniture, fittings, equipment, library books or any other property of the Institute shall be taken seriously and punitive action shall be taken against the offenders.
  • No student will harass or discriminate unfairly against any person on the campus on any ground, race, caste, sex, marital status, age, family, status, belief, disability or medical condition.
  • Use of Mobile phones is strictly prohibited inside the institute building.
  • Playing of crackers is strictly prohibited in Institute premises.
  • Roaming around and making noise in the corridors is strictly prohibited.
  • Utmost silence is required to be maintained in the library. Eatables, personal property, bags etc. are not allowed to be taken in the library.
  1. The institute takes a serious view of non-compliance of complaints of these codes. Any such action of the student may invite penalties like-:
    1. Detention from appearing in the semester examination or deduction from internal assessments as per rules.
    2. Suspension of all or any of the student facilities, rights and privileges including exclusion from Internal examination, any other form of assignments from use of facilities, withholding students assignments, results and prohibition or re-enrollment.
    3. Fine as imposed by the authority/ committee plus cost of damages wherever applicable.
    4. Suspension of the student enrollment for one or two semesters may be imposed.
    5. Expulsion from Institution.
  1. Where a student is found guilty of misconduct, one or more of above penalties may be imposed.

Class Room Etiquettes

  • The students are required to be very punctual. Late coming to class is not permitted. Entering the classroom after the faculty has taken his position to teach is not allowed. Students are expected to be seated in their chairs before the entry of the lecturer.
  • Decorum of the class will be maintained at all times. The teacher is much more learned and experienced than the student and the student must show utmost respect to the teacher. Misbehavior with the teacher or class fellows will be taken seriously.


Library Rules

  • Every student will be given 2 library tickets to borrow the books. Use of library can only be made after issuance of library card.
  • Books against these cards can be issued for a maximum period of seven days at a time. Renewal for another period of seven days will only be allowed if there is no demand of the book from other student.
  • Magazines and journals are not available for issue these must only be referred in the library.
  • Use of mobile phone in the library is not permitted.
  • Late return of book will invite a fine of Rs.10/- for every extra day.
  • Loss of book or damage to it, which includes defacement in any form (highlighting, underlining, making notes, tearing off of page/s etc) will invite heavy monetary fine.
  • Loss of Ticket or library card should be immediately reported. The user will be responsible for the books issued on that ticket. A duplicate reader’s ticket is issued on payment.
  • The students of last semester are not provided with library tickets in case of loss tickets.


  • As already mentioned in the University regulations, to be eligible for taking final university examination attendance of 75% in     all subjects including practical classes is compulsory. No laxity in this rule is permissible. So, you are advised to take attendance seriously.
  • Absence from class, except under emergency or sickness, which will require documentary evidence, will be treated as serious lapse. No student shall be allowed to appear in the end semester University examinations or internal examinations unless he/she attends a minimum of 75% lectures and submits required number of assignments.

Dress Code 

  • The institute has its own uniform, which all students are expected to possess. Students are required to be in institute dress i.e. on Friday. Besides, the uniform will be worn during all official functions. The cloth and stitching of uniform will be done from institute approved outlets only.


  • Residents are responsible for care and maintenance of furniture, furnishings and fixtures provided to them at the time of admission. They are required to return the allotted furniture in good condition. Any damage to Hostel property or alteration will lead to reimbursement of cost with penalty.
  • Residents are not permitted to use additional appliances such as heaters and electric irons without prior permission of the warden. Appropriate charges will be levied for the use of such appliances. Photographs pictures, posters etc. shall not be displayed on the walls of the room. Setting of furniture and fixtures in the rooms must not be altered under any circumstances.
  • Residents at all times are expected to conduct themselves with due regards to comfort and convenience of other residents. Residents are required to maintain cleanliness within the premises. Toilets, common spaces, lawns and adjoining arrears of the hostel should be kept clean
  • RBIENT  Campus Hoshiarpur is SMOKING, ALCOHOL, and DRUG free Zone. Possession and consumption of alcoholic liquor or drugs of any kind in the campus are strictly prohibited. Besides disciplinary action by the Trust, students violating this rule may also invite prosecution by civil authorities. Entry in Hostel in an inebriated state is also not permitted.
  • Entry and exit from hostel will strictly be through main gate of the hostel. Students are required to make entry in the outgoings register.
  • Hostellers are advised to avoid keeping valuable or large sum of money in their rooms. Hostel authorities are in no position to ensure security of valuables in different rooms all the time
  • Inmates shall not conduct group meeting, circulate books, pamphlets and papers and conducts parties of get together inside the hostel premises.
  • During college timings no student is allowed to remain in his room in the hostel, except under circumstances of ill health for which appropriate prescription from doctor or Trust nursing assistant is required.
  • Possession, carrying and storage of firearms, swords knives of any other from of weapon, which can cause serious injury to others, is forbidden in the hostel as well as in the campus. Hostel staff has the authority to visit and inspect any room at their convenience.
  • Ragging of first year students is forbidden and is punishable by fining, rustication or expulsion from college. Ragging is defined as any willful injury or threat of injury physical or mental to any fellow student. Ragging includes willfully degrading of humiliating a fellow student, whereby he/she suffers distress of mind of spirit.
  • No senior student is allowed to enter hostel room of any first term student.
  • Before leaving the hostel, every resident shall obtain clearance from Warden and personally handover the charge of the room and hostel property.  Repair-charges for any damage to the furniture will have to be paid by the resident. During vacation, all boarders will deposit their room keys with the hostel clerks/warden failing which the result of the defaulters will be withheld.
  • Cooking in the rooms is not allowed.
  • Without obtaining prior permission from the warden, no meeting/function shall be held in the hostel.
  • If a student is expelled from the hostel he/she will not claim for the amount for the balance period of time.
  • Electricity
  • Residents must switch off the lights while going out of the rooms or to sleep.
  • Residents are not allowed to use in his/her room electrical appliances such as electric heaters only. In case a residents is found in possession of any other appliances, they may be confiscated and he/she will be fined upto Rs.1000/- per appliance. In case a resident repeats this act, the amount of fine payable will also increase accordingly.

(iii) Residents are not to tamper with the electrical and sanitary installations. The cost of
repair/replacement due to any damage done to them will be realized from the  residents.


  • Meals will be provided strictly against student Hostel card.
  • Entry to mess will be restricted to only those who possess Hostel card and those who have paid hostle fees and day scholars on coupons.
  • Sharing of meals from same plate is not allowed.
  • All hostellers, by rule, are dinning members and required to dine in mess.
  • No meals will be served in the room. Carrying of meals to rooms is also not permitted.
  • Student can entertain their personal guests in the mess with permission from OIC Mess and meals provided will be on coupons.
  • Standard meal as per the menu approved by Campus-Director is to be served to all dinning members.
  • Dress code has to be followed for having mess facilities either on hostel card or in payment coupons.
  • Separate seating arrangement for boys and girls is followed.
  • Mess cooked/uncooked food will not be allowed to be carried in any form from the Mess      building unless, the Student /Member of the mess is sick and not able to move out of the       room The inability of the Mess member to the said affect, must be verified by the

Medical Care Centre I/C (Doctor). No such certificate by anyone other than the Medical officer will be accepted. However in case of Emergency or due to certain reasons non availability of Medical Care Facility, warden; request will be considered

Breakfast                                             From                     07:40 AM             To        08:50 AM
Lunch                                                    From                     12:20 PM             To           02:00 PM
Evening Tea                                       From                     04:30 PM             To           05:00 PM
Dinner                                               From                        07:15 PM             To           08:00 PM(GIRLS)
Dinner                                               From                        08:00 PM             To           08:50 PM(BOYS)
Holidays/Sunday :-
Breakfast                                             From                     08:00 AM             To           10:00 AM
Lunch                                                    From                     01:00 PM             To           02:30 PM
Evening Tea                                       From                     04:30 PM             To           05:00 PM
Dinner                                               From                        07:15 PM             To           08:00 PM(GIRLS)
Dinner                                                From                       08:00 PM             To           08:50 PM(BOYS)


  • Always keep yourself medically, mentally and physically fit to face any type of situation and challenge.
  • Always wear helmet ( safety head gear) and fasten safety belt while driving your motorcycle/scooter and car respectively.
  • If any outsider or stranger or abnormal activity is noticed in the campus, matter may be reported immediately to your teacher or head of the department or security staff. Don’t create any scene in the campus which will affect others. Always maintain a high standard of discipline and put example before others.
  • Always maintain communal harmony, peace, normalcy and co-existence in the campus. Don’t write and engrave indecent language and signs in the wash rooms/class rooms and other places.
  • Don’t smoke and consume alcohol/ drugs in the campus and possession of any intoxicant item will invite strict disciplinary action and prosecution as per the law of the land. We are having alcohol breathe analyzer which can be used to detect the consumption of alcohol.
  • Any student having any problem/grievance can contact/approach his/her class teacher, head of the department, Director/Principals and administrative officers for its solution. Don’t spread rumors on hearsay, but try to gather full knowledge. Don’t indulge in un- lawful activities, misconduct and indiscipline matters. Always keep in mind that prevention is better than cure. Don’t sit in the play grounds and shady/secluded areas that give rise to suspicion.
  • Carrying or possession of fire arms or any kind of weapon is strictly prohibited in the campus.
  • Ragging is strictly prohibited, forbidden and punishable under the laws. As such no student is allowed to involve himself in ragging as it invites strict disciplinary action besides prosecution as per the laws.
  • Unionism, groupism, strike, unlawful meetings and mutiny are not allowed/permitted. Grievances if any will be listened/heard immediately for amicable and acceptable solution.
  • Before leaving, switch off electric points, fans and other gadgets of the offices/class rooms.
  • Whenever you bring any item in the campus or carry from campus to outside, inform to security staff and got the items entered after checking of security staff at Main Gate. No one is allowed to take any college property from this campus without permission of the competent authority.
  • Always keep your college identity card with yourself during college timings. Come in proper dress and prescribed uniform on the days as per instructions.
  • Don’t liter in the class and campus and always/use dust-bins. Take care of your books and valuables as you are totally responsible for any of such losses.
  • In case of any doubt, security staff can carry out the checking and frisking of men and material with dignified manner without compromising the security.
  • Eve-teasing, stalking, use of any type of remarks, intimidation, photo-graphy without consent of the female students are strictly prohibited and invites disciplinary/legal action.
  • Whenever any item is found/lost, matter may be immediately reported to the concerned college authorities or security staff for further action.
  • Use of inflammable items is strictly prohibited and forbidden.
  • Unauthorized use and tampering with the fire extinguishers are strictly forbidden and prohibited. In case anyone is found in indulging in such type of activities a penalty of Rs. 5000/- will be imposed upon him.
  • If fire caused due to any reason is noticed in the campus, first raise an alarm by shouting fire, fire, fire and afterwards inform your teacher, Director-Principal or security staff through quickest means for further course of action.


  • Hostellers are advised not to keep two wheelers. In case any hosteller is keen to keep his two wheelers with him, his parents will give  an undertaking that his ward is keeping his two wheeler at his own and their risk and the concerned college and committee are not responsible for loss and accident etc..
  • Male staff / students will not visit female hostel and vice versa. No visitor/guest is allowed to stay in the hostels without the permission of the Chief Warden. After permission, proper IN/OUT entries to this effect are to be made in the concerned registers.
  • No male & female hosteller is allowed to go outside the campus without permission of the competent authority. Proper entries in the IN/OUT register being maintained at security posts and Main Gate be made.
  • Hostellers will observe all orders and instructions issued by the Chief Warden and campus Director sincerely, religiously and meticulously.


1Driving license is compulsory .Rs 500/- & vehicle not  permitted in the premises
2Triple riding is strictly prohibitedRs 500/-
3A proper traffic signal on your bike/ car should be used, while turning towards the Campus gate as there is heavy traffic on the Hoshiarpur – Chandigarh Road.Risk involved
4Follow the prescribed speed limits within the Campus area.Rs. 100 per violation
5Park your vehicle in the designated area only.Rs. 200 per violation
6Keeping of vehicles by the hostellers at night without permission is strictly banned.Rs 1000/- &   impounding    of vehicle &  release of vehicle  on parents personal visit & undertaking.
7Ensure that vehicle is properly locked/ light put off before leaving the parking area.Risk involved
8Your vehicle should have the Institute sticker pasted on it.  The sticker is available and be obtained from the security officer.Rs 500/- vehicle banned within the Campus
9Parking vehicle in No parking/Reserved parking areas is strictly prohibited.Rs 200/- per  violation
10Sitting idle in the parking area is highly undesirableRisk, Suspicion and enquiry.
11.Wearing helmet ( safety head gear) while driving your motorcycle / scooter is compulsoryRs 100/- per  violation