Total Marks Bifurcation:  Internal: 40 %age                              External: 60%age

Formats for Internal Assessment

Sr. No.Theory InternalPractical Internal
Component (%)MarksComponentMarks
1Attendance (15%)6Attendance5
2Home Assignments (25%)10Practical File/Performance10
3Mid Semester Test (60%)24Viva- MST-1/215

Evaluation Plan – Theory Internal

Attendance Evaluation Plan
>90, <=955
>85, <=904
>80, <=853
>75, <=802


Assignment Evaluation Format (marks weightage): 

  1. a) Written Assignment Evaluation Format
Submission on Given DatePresentation /NeatnessCorrect SolutionTotal Marks
  1. b) Written Assignment Evaluation followed by Test Format
Submission on Given DatePresentation /NeatnessCorrect SolutionTestTotal Marks
  1. c) Evaluation Format for Other types of Assignments (Case study-Reports ppts/ Seminars)
Submission on Given DateContentCommunication SkillsResponse to QueriesTotal Marks

MSTs Evaluation Format

Two MSTs will be conducted; each of 24 marks and average of two will be counted for giving the internal marks.


Evaluation Plan – Practical Internal 

Total Marks Bifurcation:  Internal: 40%age                            External: 60%age

Attendance Evaluation Plan
>=90, <954
>=85, <903
>=80, <852
>75, <801


Practical File Evaluation Format & Performance

Performance evaluation to be done on the same day and file may be checked in the next lab.

Submission on Given DatePresentation /NeatnessContentPerformanceTotal Marks

Viva Voice Evaluation Format

Two viva voce (15 marks) examinations (MSTs) will be conducted; each of 15 marks average will be awarded in assessment.

Question Bank (short answer type) to be prepared from which the questions were asked. Students record to be maintained as per the format given below (no of questions asked and their weight-age given is to be decided and conveyed to students by the subject teacher, to be documented in course file under intimation to HOD).

MST 1/2 Viva

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