Student Council

Student Council and Innovation

A Student Council is a representative structure through which students in a campus can become involved in the affairs of the campus, working in partnership with campus management and staff and parents for the benefit of the institutes, its students and wider community.

Students have a valuable contribution to increase the effectiveness of their institute and their involvement in the operation of the institute is itself a valuable part of the education process for the students. Any college or university can benefit from the talents and innovation of its students. Research indicates that Student Councils can improve academic standards and reduce dropout rates in institutes.* The establishment of a Student Council gives students an opportunity to acquire the sort of communication, planning and organizational skills which will be of benefit to them in their future lives. It enables students to take responsibility for projects, come forward with innovative ideas and to demonstrate that they can manage and bring such projects to successful conclusion.

Key functions of Student Council &Innovation 

The functions and activities of a Student Council should support the aims and objectives of the Council and promote the development of the institute and the welfare of its students. There is a wide range of activities of benefit to the campus community which a Student Council may wish to undertake, some of which are outlined below:

  • Contributing to the development of campus policy.
  • Conducting Social awareness programmes.
  • Organizing activities under Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Assisting in campus sporting and cultural activities.
  • Assisting with or organizing fund-raising events for charity.
  • Liaising with Students of other schools and institutes.